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Trees in winter-forest

Rondje om de kerk


Great tits in the winter talking

Three kids and a donkey (watercolor from 60 years old photograph) (a3 hot-pressed-paper)

Remains of St Mary's Abbey, York (a3 hot pressed paper)

Cow at dawn (a4 cold pressed)

Peacock (a4 cold-pressed)

Waves break apart on the high rocks of Madeira (a4 cold pressed)

Dutch castle (a3)

Terrace (a3)

Tree at lake (a3)

Sketch of gothic church (a3)

The rain created beautiful water reflections in the forest (a4)

Woman with straw hat (a3)

Sunflower and onions (a3)

Hawkweed at the forest edge (a5)

Sunflowers in vase (a5)

Market in Cordes-sur-Ciel (a5)

Old weathered barn wall with window (a4)

old bucket on shelf (a4)

Les Jardins des Quatres Saisons (50*70 cm)

Farm with birches (a4)

Land Surveyor K. getting dressed for his job-interview in the Castle (a4)

Tree-texture (a4)

At the end of the poppy field was a wild, dry and impenetrable thicket (a4)

Parc la Grange, Genève (a5)

Cahors (a5)

Castillon la Bataille, Dordogne, near Bordeaux (a5)

Place Meynard, Bordeaux (a5)

Autumn in the hills of south Limburg (a4)

Judi Dench as Princess Natalia Dragomiroff in Murder on the Orient Express (a3)

Sunny day in Frosty Forest (a3)

Manhattan-esque 1940 (b2 format watercolor)

Young students making up for a party (b2 aquarel)


Sunny spot in the forest (b2)