Posts uit 2022 tonen

Trees in lake-reflection (a4)

Berken in winter

Forest in autumn (a4)

Heather in frost and fog (a4)

Girl on balcony (a4)

Dawn in forest (a4)

Portrait of a friend (a3)

Cessna 208B Caravan (a3)

Strandwandeling in de avond

People in the Rain (a5)

Dunnottar Castle (a4)

Composition with pears and grapehyacinth (a4)

Composition with wooden shows and flowers (a5)

Sailing boot in blue sea (a6)

Lake in Canada (a4)

Steegje in Cordez sur Ciel

Rocks in Picos (double painting) (a4)

Schip onder woeste hemel

Sailing boat in storm (a3)

Girl in wave on beach (a4)

Birch tree in snow (a5)

Chair before wall (a5)

Balcony view (a4)

My son Sam (a3)

Intense sunlight in forest (a4)

Portrait of my wife: Saskia

Sailing ship passes old lighthouse (a4)